Al-Jazeera's Canadian Inroads

April 6, 2009

Al-Jazeera English, the English version of the infamous Arabic-language news network, is trying to gain a foothold in Canada. The Toronto Star reported on Friday that its managing director, former CBC chief Tony Burman, is using his connections to make it happen. Burman is said to have met with Canadian MPs to pitch them on the network.

If Al-Jazeera English does obtain regulatory approval from the CRTC, Canadians will have the opportunity to watch outstanding programming such as this birthday tribute to baby killer Samir Kuntar:

Al-Jazeera TV Throws a Birthday Party for Samir Kuntar  

Examples of comments aired by the Arabic service of Al-Jazeera:

? March 2003: Osama bin Laden refers to Jews as "the murderers of the prophets" and urges Muslims to "kill them."

? Jan. 2002: Jews described as "the most despicable people" and "brothers of apes and pigs" during a discussion program.

? Oct. 2001: Al-Jazeera runs a videotape of bin Laden praising the Sept. 11 hijackers.

? July 2001: A host on a talk show praises Hezbollah and refers to Zionists as "dogs."

Source: Rick Sznajder, Toronto Star

Hat tip: HonestReporting Media Backspin


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