After HRC Exposed CBC’s Referring To Islamic Jihad As An “Outfit”, Corrective Action Saw Coverage Describe “Palestinian Militant’s Rocket” Behind Gaza Hospital Bombing

October 20, 2023

On October 19, CBC News published a news article discussing Prime Minister Trudeau’s response to the evidence shown to Canadian officials of the bombing at the vicinity of the hospital in Gaza that killed and injured scores of Palestinians.

The article entitled: “Trudeau not ready to accept U.S. finding that Palestinian outfit was behind Gaza hospital blast,” sanitized Palestinian terrorists in Gaza by referring to Islamic Jihad as an “outfit”, instead of describing them as a terrorist group.

Of course, this is not the first time CBC used alternative words and verbal gymnastics to describe Palestinian terrorists. On October 8th, HonestReporting Canada exposed a leaked memo by George Achi, the CBC’s Director of Journalistic Standards and Practices and Public Trust that was sent to all CBC journalists, who urged journalists at our public broadcaster to not use the word “terrorists” in describing Palestinian terrorism, instead encouraging journalists to refer to them as ‘militants, combatants, or soldiers’.

CBC’s referring to Islamic Jihad, a proxy of the Iranian regime, as being an “outfit,” misleads Canadians about who this terror group is and what really took place at the Gaza hospital bombing.

After exposing this biased CBC article, we are pleased to report that the CBC has updated its story by removing the word “outfit” and by mentioning a “Palestinian militant’s rocket” in the following headline “Trudeau not ready to accept U.S. finding that Palestinian militants’ rocket was behind Gaza hospital blast“.

Let this be a lesson for all media organizations: Stop whitewashing Palestinian terrorism. It must always be called by its rightful name!


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