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After HRC Complaint, Globe & Mail Publishes Article Detailing Islamic Jihad Rocket Fire

by Mike Fegelman

On November 14, HonestReporting Canada contacted senior editors at the Globe and Mail expressing our surprise and concern that Globe’s print edition did not cover the recent flare-up in violence between Israel and the Iranian-sponsored terror group, Islamic Jihad, in recent days.

During the violence last week, the Israel Defense Forces reported the following:

While the Globe’s website did featured coverage and naturally, there are limitations for what is fit for publication in the print edition, but the Globe was the only mainstream paper in Canada (at least in English) that didn’t produce coverage.

Following HRC’s bringing this matter to the attention of the Globe, the following AP wire report was published in print (and online) on November 16:

Of importance, the article acknowledged that “Palestinian militants fired more than 450 rockets toward Israel, paralyzing much of southern Israel…” The article also noted that Israel targeted Islamic Jihad targets and infrastructure exclusively, specifically its rocket-manufacturing sites and military headquarters.

Importantly, while there was room for improvement in the overall editing of this article, including the use of headlines and photos, the article did acknowledge Israel’s concerns that “… Palestinian militants of using civilians as human shields and firing rockets from residential areas. It says militant commanders often have weapons or command centres inside their homes, making them legitimate targets.”



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