After HRC Complaint, CTV Video That Claimed Israeli Airstrike Killed 500+ In Gaza Hospital No Longer Online

October 20, 2023

On October 17, CTV News broadcast a news report with anchor Todd Van Der Heyden in which the Gaza Health Ministry (AKA Hamas) claimed that 500+ Palestinian civilians were killed due to an Israeli airstrike on a Gaza hospital.

Untold by CTV at the time, the Israeli claim (now also verified by the United States President) was not acknowledged, that the explosion at a Gaza hospital which is believed to have killed likely dozens, not 500 Palestinians, was caused by an Islamic Jihad rocket that was misfired, not an Israeli airstrike.

It was distressing to note that CTV relied on only one source for their information: the Palestinian Health Ministry, which CTV failed to mention is run by the Hamas terror group.

According to the The Times of Israel, US and European intel now estimate the death toll “at dozens or low hundreds”, far off the 500+ initially reported by Hamas and parroted by CTV News.

Instead of being judicious and circumspect, CTV rushed to put out an unsubstantiated report whose sole source was a terror group. HRC lodged a complaint asking that the video published online from this broadcast be taken down immediately, and we are pleased to report that after our complaint, the video no longer exists online.

Let this serve as yet another reminder: Canadian media organizations have a responsibility to conduct due diligence and confirm the veracity of claims, and they should never solely rely on the word of a terrorist organization.

Being stenographers for terrorists is not a good look for CTV News.


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