After HRC Complaint, CTV Publicly Apologizes For Broadcasting Gaza War Clips Over Toronto Hanukkah Celebration Segment

December 8, 2023

On December 7, 2023, CTV News Toronto aired a segment about the upcoming holiday festivities kicking off in the city of Toronto for Hanukkah, including the lighting of a giant menorah. However, halfway through the segment, instead of showing the preparations being made in the city, CTV aired multiple videos of Palestinians and the war between the IDF, and Hamas terrorists.

In what should have been a happy segment, one which focuses on the story of Hanukkah, light triumphing over darkness, viewers instead were treated to a segment, which insinuated that Jews are collectively intertwined and responsible for the war in Gaza.

HRC lodged a complaint with CTV News asking for immediate corrective action, and we are pleased to note later in the day, CTV News offered an official apology.

We thank CTV News for their immediate corrective action regarding this important matter.


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