After HRC Complaint, CBC Reports Israeli Claim That Explosion At Gaza Hospital Caused By Islamic Jihad Rocket

October 17, 2023

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

On October 17, media outlets worldwide rushed to judgement by claiming that an Israeli airstrike hit a Gaza hospital, killing 500+ Palestinians civilians.

For its part, CBC News published an article entitled: “Hundreds killed in Israeli airstrike on Gaza City hospital, Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza says”.

CBC reported as fact that: “Hundreds reported killed in airstrike on Gaza City hospital,” instead of being judicious and saying that there was an explosion and Israel claims it was due to a Palestinian rocket fired by Islamic Jihad, a proxy of the Iranian regime.

The article also included video captions saying: “WATCH | People rush to help after an airstrike near Rafah in southern Gaza: and “Civilians launched a panicked search for survivors Tuesday after an Israeli airstrike in the Rafah area, in the south of Gaza.”

The lead paragraph reported that: “The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza said an Israeli airstrike Tuesday hit a Gaza City hospital packed with wounded and other Palestinians seeking shelter, killing hundreds. If confirmed, the attack would be by far the deadliest Israeli airstrike in five wars fought since 2008.”

Untold by CBC, a preliminary Israeli investigation claims that the explosion was caused by an Islamic Jihad rocket, not an Israeli airstrike. It’s noteworthy that the sole source to buttress this allegation relied upon by the CBC was the Palestinian Health Ministry, which CBC failed to mention is run by the Hamas terror group. How this “Ministry” was able to identify the bodies of 500 Palestinians is highly suspect in a disaster zone. For context, following Hamas’ brutal terror against Israelis on October 7, it took Israel the entire day to verify approximately 300 Israeli deaths.

Surveillance camera footage from Netiv Haasara shows a large barrage of rockets being launched from northern Gaza, followed by a massive blast in the Strip

Despite how the overwhelming evidence at this point assigns blame to Islamic Jihad, CBC shouldn’t merely accept Israeli claims as fact, but should prominently note the dual contradictory claims until a thorough investigation is carried out.

As it stands, the CBC and media worldwide rushed to judgement instead of abiding by the journalistic imperative to reserve judgement and let the facts speak for themselves.

HonestReporting Canada filed a complaint with CBC News and subsequently, CBC updated its headline, lead paragraph, and fact brief to acknowledge Israeli claims that the explosion was caused by an errant Islamic Jihad rocket.

The new lead paragraph reports: “Gaza’s Hamas-run Health Ministry said an Israeli airstrike Tuesday hit a Gaza City hospital packed with wounded and other Palestinians seeking shelter, killing hundreds. However, the Israeli said it had no involvement in the explosion, which it says was caused by a misfired rocket from the Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad.”

Israel’s President slammed the international media saying: “Shame on the media who swallow the lies of Hamas and Islamic Jihad – broadcasting a 21st century blood libel around the globe.”

He’s 100% right, this was the equivalent of a blood libel and our public broadcast was complicit.


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