Adrienne Arsenault Back in Israel

Adriennearsenault Calling on the reserves, CBC has brought back their former Mideast bureau chief, Adrienne Arsenault to cover the 40th anniversary of the 6-Day-War.

Reporting from Jerusalem on CBC Sunday Night, Arsenault covered the threats that female Palestinian journalists are facing for not wearing the Islamic headscarf.  To watch the report click here.

According to Arsenault the women are "fearing for their lives" after a "hardline Islamic group has threatened to cut their throats" for not wearing the headscarf on air.

These might not be idle threats according to Arsenault: "Gaza’s deterioration of the past months has turned it into a place of lawlessness and Muslim extremists seem to be operating a type of vice squad. Pool halls and internet cafes and music stores have been attacked, places considered to distract men from their prayers.  A Christian bookstore and an American international school have also been bombed.  A grenade thrown at a UN school where boys and girls were holding a sports day together."

We’re glad to see Adrienne back to her old form and we wonder if Peter Armstrong will play second fiddle?


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