Abbas Meets With Released Terrorists

December 22, 2011

Palestinian president Mahmood Abbas continues the Palestinian Authority’s practice of incitement and glorifying terrorism. Yesterday, in Turkey he met with Amna Muna and 10 other released convicts who were recently released in the second exchange of Palestinian convicts for the soldier Gilad Shalit.

According to photos aired by Palestinian television, Abbas met with Muna privately. Amna Muna was serving a life sentence for posing as an American tourist on an online chat group to lure 16-year-old Ofir Rahum to Ramallah, where he was murdered. Ynet news reports that Abbas also met with Jihad Ya’amur, who took part in the kidnapping and murder of Nachshon Wachsman in 1994.

The Associated Press reports that Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said Israel was disappointed that Abbas chose to meet Muna, whom he called a "terrorist temptress" whose "internet trap led to the brutal murder of an innocent Israeli teen."

"Instead of promoting peace and reconciliation, the Palestinian leadership seems to be putting murderers up on a pedestal," he said. "This (meeting) raises serious questions as to their commitment and their desire to end the (Mideast) conflict."

Indeed, the terrorists released with the first exchange were given a jubilant hero’s welcome organized by the Palestinian Authority who awaited those released with balloons, ribbons and parades. Far from terrorists, Abbas considers them “freedom fighters and holy warriors” and promised to pay each murderer a reward, as it has been paying pensions to every Palestinian convicted and serving time for terrorism in Israeli jails.

Unfortunately, the political and social climate in Palestinian society which deems this practice acceptable, is woefully ignored by our media.


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