A Journey From Being a Bedouin Shepherd to an Israeli Diplomat: A Fireside Chat with Ishmael Khaldi, Israel’s First Bedouin Diplomat – Episode 33

November 4, 2021

Around the world, BDS activists try to portray Israel as a villainous abuser of human rights in an effort to tarnish the Jewish state’s reputation.

Many strategies are used to combat their misinformation, but one man knows the shallowness of the BDS tactics first-hand: Ishmael Khaldi. He is Israel’s first Bedouin diplomat, and is an advocate not just for Israel on the international stage, but for his Bedouin community within Israel.

Recognizing that Israel may have imperfections, but that it’s not guilty of the horrific crimes it’s accused of committing, Ishmael Khaldi has been widely recognized for his diplomatic efforts on behalf of Israel.

On the latest episode of The Honest Report podcast, listen to our fireside chat to learn about how Ishmael Khaldi went from being a Bedouin shepherd to an Israeli diplomat. Please subscribe to our podcast, leave a review, and share our show. If you are interested in sponsoring a podcast, visit the HonestReporting Canada website.


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