UPDATED: CBC Gives a Platform to Yukon Resident’s Gaza Flotilla Fiasco

Update: June 25:

On June 25, HRC received a reply from CBC News Executive Producer Lianne Elliott who upheld our concerns that the CBC’s article did not contain context to reference Israel’s security concerns and its rationale for the blockade of Hamas-run Gaza.

Ms. Elliott wrote the following to HRC (emphasis added):

You state that we should be mentioning that the blockade of Gaza is enforced by both Israel and Egypt. However, the flotilla in the story is challenging the naval blockade, and that particular blockade is enforced by Israel. As a result, we won’t be adding Egypt into the text. However, you do point out that the reason for the blockade and Israel’s position hasn’t been explained in this piece. I do agree with you — the context is needed. The blockade and debate around it isn’t touched on…”

Ms. Elliott issued a clarification notice to this article and amended the report adding the following paragraph:

Israel says the naval blockade is legal and was set up to intercept the shipment of arms to Gazans. Human rights organizations say the blockade of Gaza is collective punishment under international law and should be lifted.”

Original Alert: May 25

On May 25, CBC News online published a report by Caitlin Taylor entitled: “This Yukoner is joining a fleet of people en route to Gaza. Ron Rousseau of Carcross is aiming to raise awareness of Palestinians’ plight.”

HonestReporting Canada filed a complaint on May 27  with senior CBC News editors asking that this report be amended in the interests of fairness and balance and to ensure conformity with CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices.

There were three glaring omissions not featured in this article about this topic of controversy:

  1. The blockade of Gaza is enforced by both Israel and Egypt
  2. The reason for the blockade was never explained. In fact, the blockade was imposed in 2007 immediately after the Hamas terror organization took over the Palestinian territory. Hamas is committed to Israel’s destruction and has fired over 15,000 rockets at Israel this past decade. Hamas has carried out scores of terror attacks recently, including the building of terror-attack tunnels. In fact, the UN report on the previous flotilla incident in 2010, dubbed The Palmer Report, concluded that: “Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza is legal and Israel has the right to enforce the blockade, including in international waters. The decision to break the naval blockade was a dangerous and reckless act which involves a risk of unnecessary potential for escalation.”
  3. Israel’s well-documented position is that it is well within its rights in enforcing a legal maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip to prevent weapons from getting into the hands of Hamas terrorists. This position is widely accepted by the international community, United Nations, and world renowned jurists. It should be noted that even while enforcing the blockade, Israel has facilitated a regular flow of enormous amounts of humanitarian aid, food, fuel, and construction equipment into the territory.

We await the CBC response to our complaint. Stay tuned to this page for future updates.


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