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by Mike Fegelman
  • Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Dec 28 2007: “Gaza border: In a Reuters story, which ran in Saturday’s SP, it suggested Israel controls the borders between Gaza and Egypt. In fact, Israel has no control of this border. The SP apologizes for the error.”
  • Winnipeg Sun, Nov 15 2007: An Associated Press story on page 10 of Tuesday’s Winnipeg Sun contained incorrect information. It stated Yasser Arafat died on Nov. 11, 2003, when he died on Nov. 11, 2004. The Sun regrets the error.”
  • National Post, Nov 22 2007: One Letter printed by HRC Subscribers after we issued a communiqué asking our members to commend the Post for printing a David Frum column that exposed the Al-Dura trial to a Canadian audience.
  • Toronto Sun, Nov 15 2007: “Due to an editing error, the wrong year for Yasser Arafat’s death was inserted in a story published Tuesday by The Associated Press. The wrong date was repeated under a photo of Arafat. He died in 2004, not 2003.”
  • Edmonton Sun, Nov 15 2007: An Edmonton Sun article erroneously claimed: “On the anniversary of the 2003 death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat…” Contrary to this statement, Arafat died on Remembrance Day on November 11 in 2004. HRC brought the error to the attention of the Sun’s editors who replied stating “Thanks for writing. We rely on AP for accuracy but it might have been a simple typo. We won’t be putting in a correction but now have the correct info for future reference. Mindy Jacobs, City Desk, Edmonton Sun.”
  • Toronto Star, Oct 29 2007: Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. Mr. Ross did indeed spell the IDF as follows: “Israel Defence Forces”, however I understand that the correct spelling of this proper name is “Israel Defense Forces.” We will change this online and amend a note to the article in our archive to make sure that this does not happen again. Furthermore, I will communicate your moderate and reasoned approach to our Mideast bureau. With best regards as always, Kathy English, Public Editor, Toronto Star.
  • Globe and Mail, Oct 23 2007: “Eastern Jerusalem was annexed by Israel after the 1967 war. Incorrect information appeared in a story from The Guardian in The Globe and Mail of Oct 16.”
  • The Guardian, Oct 22 2007: A report headed “US presses Palestinians and Israel to find common ground” (page 18, October 16) said that Jerusalem had been annexed by Israel after the 1967 war; it should have said East Jerusalem.”
  • Globe and Mail, Oct 20 2007: Two Letters printed by HRC subscribers after Rapid Response dispatch. Rami Khouri, editor-at-large of the Beirut-based Daily Star, claimed in a Globe and Mail column that Hezbollah has shifted from a from “military resistance” group to a “pragmatic political organization.”  Citing no evidence at all, Khouri claims that this “remarkable transition” should bring Hezbollah back into the fold as a legitimate political player in Mideast politics. Our members challenged Khouri’s assertions and lack of proof.
  • Concordia Link, Oct 16 2007: Retraction – “The Link published on Sept. 11 an opinion piece (“Living with Terrorists” Vol 28, Iss. 4) stating that Israeli soldiers executed three men in the West Bank city of Nablus. While Ra’ed Abul al-Adas was, in fact, was shot and killed by soldiers, Mahmoud Fatayer and Wajde Amude were killed in an explosion, the responsibility for which has not been claimed.  Moreover, the piece also claimed an individual’s back was broken by soldiers in his home. This is incorrect, as the man was stopped on Rafiyah Street by soldiers and sustained vertebrae and tissue damage. The Link apologizes to its readers and regrets the inaccuracies.”
  • Montreal Gazette, Oct 12 2007: A story in the Gazette of Oct. 6 from Reuters and Agence France-Presse news agencies, referred to Israel’s “war against Lebanon” last year. In fact, Israel was at war with Hezbollah forces inside Lebanon at the time, not with the Lebanese government.”
  • Globe and Mail, Oct 11 2007: “Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist, died at Rafah in the Gaza Strip in 2003, having been stuck by an Israeli Defense Force bulldozer. She was incorrectly described as having died in Israel in yesterday’s paper.”
  • Globe and Mail, Oct 3 2007: “Hamas refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Incorrect information appeared in a Sept. 4 article.
  • Toronto Star, Sept 26 2007: “A Sept 6 Associated Press article about causalities from the 2006 Lebanon war mistakenly transposed the numbers of Israeli civilians and soldiers killed. The article should have said that 119 Israeli soldiers and 40 civilians were killed.”
  • Globe and Mail, Sept 12 2007: “Israel was at war with Hezbollah in the summer of 2006. Imprecise information appeared in an editorial in Monday’s paper.”
  • Vancouver Province, Sept 11 2007: For the record: Israeli President Shimon Peres said last week that he was “more optimistic” about the possibility for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.  A headline in Friday’s paper attributed his comments to Israel’s prime minister.” 
  • Globe and Mail, Sept 8 2007: “Ramallah is in the West Bank in the Palestinian territories. Due to an editing error, its location was inaccurately described in a story published Thursday.”
  • Canwest.com, Sept 4 2007: Apology – “Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention. Although Jamal Akkal’s allegations were presented in this story as “claim”, not as fact, I do appreciate your point that we should be mindful of presenting both sides of an issue wherever possible. Your reminder of this has also been forwarded to the Windsor Star, originator of this report.” Teresa Honeyman, Editor-in-Chief, after a Canwest News Service report failed to mention that “Israel denies any mistreatment” regarding a Palestinian released from an Israeli prison who claimed he was tortured.
  • Toronto Sun, Sept 4 2007: Apology – “Thank you for your email regarding the news brief we ran headed “Gaza blast kills 3 Palestinian children.” I haven’t seen the original wire story but I expect the details of context concerning the use of children by terrorist organizations were not in that first story. If they were, I agree we should have given more space to the story. I expect that the context emerged only after subsequent investigation, However, your letter does underline the danger of short stories. I thank you for reminding us of that fact.” Mike Burke-Gaffney, Managing Editor, after a short wire brief failed to mention that Palestinian terror organizations are making cynical use of children, by sending them to areas where rocket launchers are located to collect weapons, consciously endangering them in places where the Israeli Defense Force targets the rocket salvos and sites.
  • Montreal Gazette, Sept 1 2007: Follow up story issued – “I think you make a fair point. We have a follow-up story on this issue in tomorrow’s paper, and we will include a line along the lines you suggest.” Andrew Phillips, Editor-in-chief, after a Gazette report failed to mention that “Israel denies any mistreatment” regarding a Palestinian released from an Israeli prison who claimed he was tortured.”
  • Toronto Star, August 7 2007 “Former Israeli President did not plead guilty to rape: Former Israeli president Moshe Katsav pleaded guilty to several charges of indecent assault, sexual harassment and obstruction of justice, for which he received a suspended sentence. Incorrect information was published in a July 30 article about rapid growth in Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.”
  • Toronto Star, July 18 2007: Israel targeted Lebanese site after Hezbollah kidnappings: “Last summer, Israel bombed targets in Lebanon in retaliation for Hezbollah kidnappings of Israeli soldiers. A July 15 Sunday Star guest column about Canada’s approach to foreign policy misidentified Hezbollah. The Star regrets the error.”
  • Toronto Star, June 27 2007, Israel has agreed to free some Palestinian prisoners: “Israel has agreed in principle to free some Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, but no deal has been reached on the number or identities of the Palestinians who would be freed. Incorrect information appeared in a June 26 article that included information about Shalit, captured last summer by Palestinian militants. The Star regrets the error.”
  • Globe and Mail, June 27 2007, “Corporal Gilad Shalit was kidnapped one year ago from inside Israel, according to reports. Incorrect information appeared in a front-page photo caption yesterday.”
  • Globe and Mail, April 26 2007: “Before last summer’s Israeli-Lebanese conflict, Hezbollah guerillas abducted two Israeli soldiers from inside Israel. Incorrect information was published in Globe Life yesterday.”
  • Toronto Star, March 16, 2007: The executive secretary of the Ontario Press Council  wrote a letter to the editor to correct an erroneous press council notice which incorrectly identified the source of a video of suicide bombers preparing for a mission as Palestine Media Watch. In fact, the name of the organization is Palestinian Media Watch.
  • Globe and Mail, March 16, 2007: HRC contacted the Globe’s web editor informing him of an excessive use of photos displaying the staged protests at Israel’s security barrier near the village of Bilin.   The editor replied that he was “listening closely to your concerns” and is “monitoring the issue to ensure that balance is maintained”
  • Canadian Press, March 15, 2007: An Ontario Press Council ruling erroneously identified the source of a video of suicide bombers preparing for a mission as Palestine Media Watch. In fact, the name of the organization is Palestinian Media Watch. Corrective issued to every Canadian media outlet.
  • Globe and Mail, February 15, 2007: Online photo displayed a Palestinian woman whose home was destroyed by the Israeli army, but failed to indicate that her home was illegally built on Israeli land.  Correction issued, apology secured.
  • Vancouver Sun, February 8, 2007: Headline unfairly stated that Israel was thwarting peace talks without attribution.  Apology secured, editor-in-chief convened a meeting with all editors displaying this error to the Sun’s staff asking that these mistakes not occur in the future.
  • Canadian Press, February 8, 2007: Wire reporter erroneously claimed Israel and Hezbollah fought in Afghanistan this summer.  Correction issued to every Canadian media outlet.
  • Edmonton Journal, January 30 2007: Headline implied that Israel misused bombs in the Lebanon war, however the body of the article explained that no definitive conclusion was reached.  Apology secured.
  • Windsor Star, February 9, 2007: Article’s headline erroneously described “Palestine” instead of Palestinian territories or Palestinian Authority.  Correction issued.
  • Windsor Star, Feb 5 2007: Headline erroneously said that the Arab League was meeting in Palestine, they were actually meeting in Beiurt.  Correction issued.
  • Regina Leader Post, Jan 29 2007: Reporter described the “Palestinian’s right of return” as if he believed that this ‘right’ was entrenched.  Article corrected online.
  • London Free Press, Jan 23 2007: Reporter described the “Palestinian’s right of return” as if he believed that this ‘right’ was entrenched.  Article corrected online.
  • Globe and Mail, Jan 22 2007: Reporter misstated the Quartet’s position on the resumption of aid to the Palestinians.  Foreign editor apologized and committed that future references related to the Quartet’s stance will be made more clear.
  • National Post, January 18 2007: Article said only 140 Israelis died in Israeli-Hezbollah war this past summer, in reality 159 Israelis died in the 34-day war.  Follow-up article included revised numbers.
  • Globe and Mail, Jan 16 2007: Online photo displayed Palestinian mourners, but failed to indicate terrorist died while attacking Israel.  Caption updated to include context, apology secured.
  • Embassy Magazine, January 10, 2007: Article misstated the Canadian aid expenditure to help in relief efforts after the Israeli-Hezbollah war this past summer.  Admission of error, apology secured.
  • Toronto Star, Jan 20 2007: “The minimum wage in Israel is approximately $5.55 (Canadian) an hour. In last Saturday’s paper, a story about Canada’s working poor, gave an incorrect amount. The Star regrets the error.”



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